Our nation’s freedom is safeguarded by our brave women and men in uniform, who willingly risk their lives for love of country and ask nothing in return except for the chance, when the time comes, to successfully return to civilian life.  

We owe it to them to make that happen.  

My organization, Atlantic Health System, supports team members who have served with a civilian workforce readiness program that offers career coaching, résumé review services and helpful hiring tips. We have often found that the skills, work ethic, discipline and call to serve that leads many individuals to our armed forces also makes them ideal caregivers.

Our workforce also benefits from True North, which helps veterans and military families readjust to civilian life through counseling with licensed clinicians who can help tackle the challenges of daily living, work and relationships.

The entire Atlantic Health System family respects and cherishes the veterans who honor us by joining our ranks. We know that countless hospitals and health systems across the country feel the same and want to do everything they can to honor those who have risked all for us.

See AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack’s Nov. 8 Perspective to learn more about how the AHA supports our remarkable veterans. 

Let’s make sure we all take time today to thank our veterans for their courageous service. And tomorrow and every day moving forward, let’s work together to do everything we can to treasure and care for these selfless Americans. 

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